The Eternal Moon is the beginning of a sprawling saga about family, identity, and the ancient roots of human kind. Civilization and the wilds of space clash in this epic journey!


The planet-sized moon New Constantine is in a state of crisis. The network bridge leading back to Earth has failed. The colonies are now alone among the stars, cut off from humanity’s home world. Interstellar travel, communication, and commerce are now impossible. With life at a standstill, millions panic, and the Chamber of New Constantine calls the fleet out of orbit to maintain order on the surface.

Having to put aside his duty to protect the people, Jesse Rush, a squadron commander, struggles in his new role as an enforcer of the government’s mandates. He goes to the Church of the Colonies where his brother Jordan serves as a priest. Together, they must find out the truth behind this crisis and bring the one responsible to justice to prevent the planet from slipping into anarchy.

The Rush brothers learn that they have grown apart, that their beliefs conflict, and that they need each other. Despite their differences, they must cooperate. The battle they fight is bigger than their personal misgivings. They must expose a conspiracy that spans New Constantine and Earth. Like a dream, the conspiracy reaches back into the unknown history of ancient Earth.

Humanity’s future among the stars is in jeopardy.

Evil lurks among the stars, but hope is found in one.

Coming August 22, 2023.