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The Eternal Moon

A Novel by Andrew Hilzendeger

Evil lurks among the stars, but hope is found in one.


Since the exile from Eden, man has searched for a way back, a crack to slip through, and partake, finally, of the fountain of youth.

At the dawn of the 22nd century, man held in his palm the orbs, devices from an ancient age separated by the Flood. The orbs unmasked the genius and monsters buried in the blood of all humans. They unleashed an old vision of the cosmos, and humanity was its arbiter. Religion came to call them the Eyes of Gods. They earned many names across the centuries, but their accomplishment became the realization of 21st-century dreamers, space travel through the creation of the gateways called The Wells.

The stars became the dreams of future real estate. A new empire was on the rise, and in time, it became known as the United Central Order of Metropolis (UCOM).

The year is now 2483, and the universal government, unhindered by old regimes, seeks to wrap the world entirely in its embrace. The United Central Order of Metropolis is the future, a future empire of many suns where the heirs of the universe are as numerous as its stars.

Perhaps that is what God fears most, for man has touched eternity without him and has sinned against eternity where time never forgets. What fools. This kingdom was built on the backs of slaves, and man clings to Earth and the colonies of New Constantine; the emptiness of space is a reminder of the void within the flesh. Man is not the master of the universe he claims to be. Man who knows not his creator is the slave to the enemy of his creator. Evil lurks among the stars, but hope will be found in one. And no one is ready for hope.

As surely as the sun sets in the east, this human empire will join its predecessors and shatter into memory, the mouth of time. With every sunrise, UCOM’s foundation will cast a shadow on all its lost souls.

Living in this 25th century world is Jordan Rush and his mother. Abandoned by his father and brother years ago, Jordan has made his mother his world. When he finds her dead with a mysterious gunshot wound in a remote, rundown cottage, Jordan feels his world crashing down. Jordan walks alone through grief and anger, until his estranged uncle introduces him to one of the orbs. Little does Jordan know that knowledge of this orb puts him squarely in the crosshairs of government agents tasked with collecting the orbs. With all the orbs, the United Central Order of Metropolis would win the favor of all religions in the world, giving it a divine claim to last forever.

There’s a deeply held secret that all beholders of the orbs know. Touching the orb brings the full force of powers seen and unseen to bear. Jordan discovers that his hope of an easy, quiet life will be robbed if he uses the orb to solve his problem. His mind is the black door, and the orb is the red nob to open it.

Jordan’s future is beyond his wildest dreams. To carry out the will of the Creator, he will face dangers and death itself. The Creator wants his children to return home, but first, he wants Jordan to bring the vision of home to them, before the collapse of the human empire.


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