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Author’s Note:

This script would have been recorded for an intro video to promote the non-profit organization. The recording did not come to fruition.

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At Kingdom Story Ministries, we focus on discipleship training, shaping Christian relationships into the likeness of Jesus Christ who is the highest model of truth and authority. After a season of internal healing as a team, we stand with convicted hearts and a fresh vision.

We have checked the world’s pulse by looking beyond the walls of church programs and bible studies. What we found was deep anxiety deeply troubling. There’s a backlog of issues that threaten us all. Cultural upheaval is tearing apart the Western way of life. Hate speech is now a definition for blanket accusations of racism, bigotry, and prejudice. There’s no longer concern for public safety on the streets. Camera phones strobe public assaults from a safe distance, and in the cyber world, mysterious usernames make death threats and tear apart individual identities without mercy and without fear of consequence.

Meanwhile, people are on autopilot in the real world of faces, pedestrian crosswalks, and bumper-to-bumper traffic. From online purchases to social media, people have their heads down with “likes” and “Buy Now,” while going about work, school, social justice activism, and private home life. There’s an ignorance of our fallen nature and an exploitation of the suffering of our neighbors.

Amidst this turmoil, institutions of leadership use words to reassure but take no action to reinforce their sentiments to show tangible resolution.

Outside the world of materialism, paychecks, and car loans, the homeless scrounge outside for the throwaways. They live from day to day or die in their tents, having given up on life a long, long time ago.

From top to bottom, the foundation of society is not just cracking; it’s splitting open. And much to the horror of those brave enough to look inside, society is rotten to its core. The institution of marriage is unrecognizable in its shattered form. The definition of gender is in question. And the nuclear family is now nowhere to be seen in advertisements and rarely promoted in mainstream entertainment.

How did we get so lost?

Why are we so lost?

Can we find our way back?

Back to what precisely?

We need to hit the PAUSE button. We need to hit the brakes.

Life must slow down. Looking for a solution in such a broken, confused, upside-down, hostile, fast-paced world will only recycle the garbage. And that’s not the same as drinking water from a plastic bottle that says it was recycled.

Our condition will only become terminal if this garbage continues.

That’s why Kingdom Story Ministries has taken the pandemic to mean that Jesus wants a radically different strategy for the Church. It’s time to make disciples. That means identity, instilling in souls hungry for truth the true power of the Savior. The mission is to train others to see themselves in Christ, walk with him, become like him, and shine their light in the world.

It’s all about transformation into the right vessel, not just believing the right thing. The Gospel is not biased towards nations, agendas, or political leanings. It’s transforming to a universal scale, powerful enough to transcend all social boundaries. Among its fruits is the testimony.

Personal stories connect, inspire, and encourage. As they bring people together in Christ, that dream of a brighter future will come out clearer, ready to expand on the faith of the body of Christ. Where there’s order, chaos meets its match. Where there’s community, individuality finds belonging. And where one person stands on truth, God will shine his light.

So, where do we begin?

How do we get found?

What precisely is our purpose?

It’s time to begin again. It’s time to hit the RESET button, let the past be in the past, and take stock of where we want to go.

There’s possibility in the now.

Are you ready?