It’s a New Year! So, What’s New?

New Year’s Day has come and gone. It’s now January 3rd, and I find myself peering at the horizon. What will summer hold? Where will I be in the fall? What literary goals can I accomplish before December, 2022?

And for the record, none of the goals as seen in the photo above apply to me (I stopped trying those a long time ago).

Admittedly, with a track record of unfulfilled resolutions from previous years, I was not entirely game for drafting a list of resolutions, a sentiment that Jon has expressed more than once over the years. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a pinch of optimism. With each new year comes 365 new opportunities to either look forward to new possibilities or dwell on the past. Who likes dwelling in the past though? It’s a curse that is deceptively comforting.

The relentless optimist that I am, I decided to list a few goals for 2022:

  • Write three chapters for my novel (after ample preparations, of course)
  • Save up for a flight to Virginia to see my uncle
  • Save up for a video camera (there’s a filmmaker in me, buried deep)
  • Write a short story entitled “Dark December”

The title in that last bullet point is my attempt at resurrecting a dead filmmaking project that my friend Alexander and I talked about making when we were not yet old enough to drive. The title is all I have to work with, thus far. Although, I am considering a Christmas setting for it. Perhaps it’ll be a mix of Christmas background and science fiction technology. This story will hopefully reach 10,000 words, but I make no promises.

The other bullet points are a mixture of familiar goals and new, practical ones. The “familiar” one is of course The Eternal Moon, the sci-fi novel that I have made mention of in previous blog entries. Alas, it has barely made it out of development stage. The practical goals, on the other hand, stem from a desire for new adventures. Flying to Virginia would be an opportunity to get out of Washington State and visit family, while the other goal, getting a video camera, would help me tap into that dormant desire to make movies. Even though I grew up loving science fiction (Minority Report, Star Wars, etc) and fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Narnia) films, I have recently come to love documentaries. The most recent documentary I’ve watched is Free Solo, which is about Alex Honnold. That guy is one of the most daring (and dedicated) individuals I’ve ever watched a documentary about. I may write a blog post about him next time.

In all, setting resolutions for a new year is both a hopeful and scary task. What if I abandon these goals before even seeing the finish line? What if I get distracted, as I often do, and find myself at the end of yet another unsuccessful year? Not very optimistic, I know. Still, these are questions I ask myself, and the desire to strive for better is certainly there.

The question remains – how will I spend 2022?

At the very least, I’ll be blogging off and on throughout the year, describing in detail my successes and failures. One thing I certainly want to do in 2022 is write.

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