Drivel & More Drivel

I’m only writing because of Jon. We do this every Monday evening at 7 o’clock – brew coffee, fire up our laptops, and chat through FaceTime. Competition is a staple of our friendship, which began in college almost twelve years ago. Wow, has it been that long?

Like a splash of cold water, aging is a terrible wake up call to grow up, somehow. What does it even mean to grow up? Well, as far as society defines it, if you work for a living, mortgage a home (or rent), and drive a car, you’re basically grown up! I remember feeling invincible in my early twenties. Now, I am jealous of anyone who has a stable job, a hefty savings account, and a 401(k).

Oh well. As there is no cure for aging, it’s no use trying to relive days of youth.

Jon will be posting shortly a new blog entry [link here when it actually gets published]. So, naturally, I can’t let him hog all the literary glory.

The final quarter of 2021 is upon us, and I have yet to write anything. Lately, my time has been locked in with writing short stories for the Kingdom Story Ministries. Compiled into a book-length manuscript, these stories will be published in association with a hybrid publishing firm (at least I think it’s a firm) called Illumify. It has been an uphill battle, writing these stories. There’s usually a brief, 24-hour lull between finishing one story and moving on to the next, leaving very little quiet time for me to write for this website. Even less time gets devoted to my novel, the development of which began in 2018.

That’s all for now. If this has been a waste of time, I am grateful to have strung you along.