All It Takes

That face can write a novel, paws and all.

Being a writer is no picnic. You have to love it to do it until the going gets good. What do I mean by that?

Simple. Unlike passively analyzing the literary faults of a book (which I’ve done), writing one requires a few things: an unrelenting passion for the story idea, perseverance through the swampy rough draft, and an all-or-nothing drive to see that story unfold with crystal clarity on the page.

There is nothing like reading a story that you’ve written, knowing that you are the author. You wrote it, not someone else. That feeling takes time to settle in after the fact, but it’s rewarding. So, earn it, fight the battle within to get it out there.

If that’s what you love, what you dream about, stop asking yourself, “Am I a writer?” Because you are. The story is the evidence.

All it takes is one story.