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About the Author


Mt Rainier from Seward Park in Seattle, WA.

As a Christian writer with an English degree, I grew up in Yakima, surrounded by tumbleweeds, apple orchards, dead grass plains, and gentle hills. My childhood was filled with building Legos, watching cartoons, and observing squirrels hoard their nuts with my grandpa.

That tranquil life ended when we moved to Seattle, a city of relentless rain and winds, where the constant wail of sirens and the slow grind of traffic jams stifle contemplative thought, reflecting the erratic behavior of Washington drivers. It’s easy to forget nature’s beauty in the midst of such urbanization. At least, the mountain was visible.


I once aspired to study liberal arts at the now-defunct Seattle Art Institute, dreaming of publishing books and selling screenplays. Instead, I earned my English writing degree from Central Washington University, a place known for its wild student life. It was an eye-opening experience, not my first choice, but one my parents had made when they were my age.

If I could, I’d rewrite that chapter of my life. Yet, I’ve kept my youthful optimism, envisioning a future filled with novel writing, meeting my soulmate, and starting a family. I still enjoy Legos, films, and theological debates with my fiancĂ©e, Brianne.

My mornings are spent concocting stories over coffee, my imagination never resting. Having shed my conservative roots, I’ve cultivated a skepticism towards partisan politics, holding strong opinions on issues like climate change and abortion, guided by the truths in the Bible and lessons from history.

I advocate for sweeping political and cultural changes, writing stories that weave together science fiction and faith in ways that resonate on a grand scale.