Wings of the Universe

In another realm, humanity is spread across three galaxies over countless planets, enslaved to the Reatee, an elegant, space-fairing alien race. Their emperor is Natashalace whose name in the ancient tongue means “master of planets.” He commands a war machine revered for its power and consuming strength in the war against the supreme being, his former master.

The three galaxies haven’t known peace since the dark emperor rose to power. The Horizon Gap is the last slice of universe where peace exists, a speck of the universe carved out by the Vanguard as neutral ground. It is there that Natashalace and the supreme being discuss the terms of engagement for the universal war every thousand years.

While the dark emperor has the majority of humanity enslaved to his will, the only human tribe to resist him are the Magens, belonging to an ancient bloodline loyal to the supreme being. As a rogue tribe, they’ve resisted the dark emperor for 10,000 years, fighting desperately against his hordes of human slaves.

The only force that the dark emperor can’t control is a ghost and its rider. Wherever the ghost rider goes, planets are either liberated or judged. It has the power to overturn nebulas in its wake and rescue human souls.

For millennia, it’s gone by only one name, the Wings of the Universe.